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Back-story: I first saw this girl on TPF 3 and thought she had a phenomenal voice! I got a chance to meet her in person, a year later, when I was working as a full time freelance writer. I remember calling One Fm to book an appointment with her and being so nervous. Even though [...]

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If you’re a type 2 curly meaning you have wavy/ loosely curly hair then your in luck. I found this video on you tube of former MTV VJ Ananda Lewis showing how she conditions and styles her hair. If you have more tightly coiled hair like me, not to worry, these techniques work for us [...]

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Z: Back Story:- When I reached out this girl, it was at the insistence of almost every single curly I spoke to when researching this site. That said, when I wrote her a quick e-mail, requesting an interview, I didn’t really think she would respond, but lo and behold, a couple of days later, when [...]

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