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Back Story:

I first saw Suzie Wokabi a few years ago, on a talk show called Sebuleni being interviewed about her work as a make up artist. On the show, she talked about her desire to start a make up line for African women. I thought she was very intelligent and absolutely stunning. She also had this curly bob, that I thought was gorgeous, but I was convinced it was a weave! I remember sitting next to my mom and asking, “ I wonder where she bought that weave it’s so natural looking!” Fast forward, to last weekend. I turn on my television and see Suzie Wokabi being interviewed about the success of her make-up line! This time, the interview is in natural light and it’s obvious that those gorgeous ringlets, I thought we’re weave are real! I quickly jumped on my laptop, got her office number, put on my big girl panties and gave her a call to request an interview. To my surprise, she graciously agreed. So without further verbal diarrhea, I present to you, the beautiful, and the intelligent: Suzie Wokabi!

Z: What’s your hair story?

S: I’ve been natural all my life except for a short stint in high school, when I insisted on getting a relaxer – which was completely unnecessary, because, my hair is already quite fine. Other than that time, I’ve been natural.

Z:  Have you ever had any hair disasters?

S: When I was around 12 years old, I designed a fringe that I made my mum cut for me – disaster! It looked like a mullet. It was really bad!

Z: What’s your current hair regimen and what hair products can’t you live without?

S: I rarely ever visit a salon -I go to my hairstylist Andrea’s house for my trim every few months to keep my hair healthy, that’s about it.  I wash my hair every few days and then I tie it back. Once in a while, I’ll leave it out but it’s usually tied back.  I swear by Carol’s Daughter products.  The Hair Milk is great for my curly hair, and I love the Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie for my weekly treatment.

Z: What’s your nighttime routine?

S: I don’t have one. I wash and moisturize my face, brush my teeth and get into bed. Whatever my hair was like during the day is how it is when I hit my pillow (smiles).

Z: What’s the best thing about being natural?

S: That I never have to go to a salon. I don’t have the time or the patience.  God knew that if He didn’t give me easy-to-manage hair, I’d look like a mad woman. My wash and go situation works perfectly.

Z: Your skin is sick, what’s your skin care routine and what products do you have on heavy rotation?

S: My skin care is pretty basic – it’s difficult to access many products locally so I keep it simple with Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear products – cleanser, toner and oil free moisturizer.  I have my SuzieBeauty make-up products on heavy rotation  (smiles).

Z: What’s your daily make-up routine and what are your product must haves?

S: After I cleanse, tone and moisturize, I use my foundation, concealer and powder, and then do my eyes with a brushing of eye shadow. I line my bottom and top lids and coat mascara on my lashes.  I fill in my brows, put on some blush and a touch of lip-gloss. I use ALL SuzieBeauty products (smiles). This, by the way, takes all of 6 minutes!

Z: You own and run a make up line for women of color. What inspired you to do this?

S: I found a huge gap in the market for quality, affordable products. Being a professional make-up artist and having been trained my major companies like Clinique and MAC; I had access to lots of great quality products that are unaffordable here in Kenya. I decided to create a line that provides that great quality, but that women can easily afford.

Z: Why did you decide to start your line here rather than in The States where you lived for a long time?

S: I think my time in the US was for me to gather skills and knowledge to bring home with me and build the industry here. I never planned to settle there. Nairobi was always going to be where I settled.

Z: Why make up? You’ve said in every interview, how difficult and expensive it has been to start a make up line, what keeps you motivated to stick with this?

S: Love (smiles) It’s for the love of beauty and SuzieBeauty. I don’t like to start something and not complete it. I knew once I made the decision to do this, I would see it to fruition. My motivation is seeing where I started from and where I have reached, and always being aware of the heights SuzieBeauty can reach.

Z: What advice do you have for young women who are looking to start a business, in the industry?

S: Dive into it – know that it’s not easy and be ready to take the lows with the highs.  It’s a multi-billion shilling industry with lots of space for new players.

Z: How do you balance being a wife, a mom and running a start-up company?

S: My husband is a great support and helps a lot with my business so even at work we get to spend time together. Being self-employed allows me to control my schedule around my son’s – so I can be available for him as much as possible. Evenings and weekends are important family time for me and I avoid having other commitments then – there was a time when I couldn’t do this – but now I can!

Z:  What other projects are you currently working on/ can we look out for?

S: We are currently sponsoring Tusker Project Fame 5, which runs until the end of July. In July we have the Fashion & Beauty Expo at Westgate and Samantha Bridal. We update all our upcoming projects on our facebook fan page.

Z:  How can we reach you, if you we want to purchase from the line?

S: You can email us on info@suziebeauty.com, call us 0736789432, or shop online: suziebeauty.com/shop. Our current outlets are: Wholesale Beauty in the CBD, Mimosa Pharmacy at the Junction, Ni Pambe Beauty Shop in Hurlingham and Nothing Like It Spa in Karen.

Z: Thank you Suzie!

S: Your welcome!

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