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Z: Please introduce yourself M: My name is Mary Wariara. I am a dancer. I’m a bubbly fun loving person. I go to City of Refuge Cathedral at the National Museum. I love my church. Z: What’s your hair story? M: I’ve been natural all my life. I’ve never ever had a relaxer. In fact [...]

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As many of you know, or don’t know, I literally LIVE on youtube. I hardly watch television except certain shows, the news and movies. I absolutely L-O-V-E  youtube and I consider it very infotaining, if you know what I mean. And one of my favorite people online is author and motivational speaker, Shanel Cooper Sykes. [...]

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With all the information floating around on the Internet, it’s hard to figure out what products are right for your skin, let alone build a good skin care regimen. This is something I’ve struggled with personally and from my experiences as well as tons of research, I’ve put together a guideline on how to build [...]

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