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I first saw this girl on TPF 3 and thought she had a phenomenal voice! I got a chance to meet her in person, a year later, when I was working as a full time freelance writer. I remember calling One Fm to book an appointment with her and being so nervous. Even though she was super nice on the phone, I was really nervous because on the show, she seemed very reserved. When I finally sat down with her, I realized how silly I had been. She gave me a big hug and some of the most candid answers I have ever gotten in an interview. Without further verbal diarrhea, I present to you, the beautiful, the talented, and the wise, Patricia Kihoro!

 Z: You have the longest eyelashes I have ever seen. Are they real?

P: (Smiling) Thank you and yes, they’re real.

Z: Gorgeous! Ok, lets FOCUS, Lets talk about hair. What’s your hair story?

P: I had long, mid back length hair as a child. I also loved TV and I would see all these adverts of black women with bone straight hair. All those ads for “Style and Bounce” and “Beautiful Beginnings” adverts – had me begging my mom for a perm. So after 3 months of relentless nagging, my mom let me get my hair relaxed. I was 9. For me that was a license to swim 24/7, which is exactly what I did. After a swim, I would dry my hair under the hand drier in the hotel bathrooms, and grease it with Vaseline…and I was good to go. Suffice it to say, my hair never grew past my shoulders for the next 9 years.

Z:Wow! Those ads had me too. Damn creamy crack manufacturers! Lol. So, when did you finally decide to go natural?

P: I have shaved my head and gone natural more times than I can remember but the last time I did was in January 2010 and it was completely unintentional. 3 months after we finished filming Tusker Project Fame, I took a vacation to Mombasa. My hair was braided into tiny twists. I swam in the sea and rolled around in the sand, basically had a great time. So imagine my surprise when I got back from my vacation and took my braids out. It was a HOT MESS – Ropes and baskets is what I call it! I decided to shampoo and condition it before detangling, but that made it worse, so I went to the bathroom mirror with a pair of scissors, and did something I had done many times; I chopped it all off. I was going to texturize it again, and do my usual ‘whatever’ regimen with my hair but then I bumped into some really cool naturals, the girls from Kurly Kichana,  and started reading a lot of natural hair blogs –since then, my hair hasn’t been the same.

 Z:  Apart from that fateful trip did you ever have any other hair disasters?

P: Absolutely! You know those horror stories you hear about a jealous hairdresser chopping off a person’s hair in a fit of envy? Well, it happened to me (Although I’m sure I exaggerate a bit), when I was about 8. I went to a hairdresser for a little trim and came out of the salon with a crazy amount of hair chopped off. I was super pissed off! Then when I was 9, when my hair had grown back, I was watching an episode of ‘Sisters’ and one of the actresses had a short pixie cut like Halle Berry’s. She was Caucasian, and I was obsessed with being white (I would sit in the sun with soap on my face and body, just to fry the Black off my skin), so I went to the barber, without telling my mum, and told him I wanted a fade on the sides and a bit longer on top, right? Well, let’s just say it didn’t turn out quite like I had planned, and I basically got all my hair shaved off. That was my first BC and I was horrified. And I looked like a boy! It grew on me after a couple of hours though. Cest la Vie, you know!

 Z: So back to the present, what was the initial reaction to your new hairstyle – when you BC’d?

P: Close friends and family didn’t even flinch because I’d BC’d and changed my look so many times. Fans and new friends were a bit shocked, though, asking if I’d cut my hair so that I could go the “Afro-Fusion” route. But they’ve gotten the hang of it, and most people say I should stick with short hair for the rest of my life. Burra…ahem…that was not really the plan. 

 Z: Do you have any hair goals?

P: I initially wanted to grow a Big Ass Afro, but lately I’ve really been jonesing for short hair again. I wanted a BAA that would be a testament that natural hair CAN be for everyone, and that it can grow freakishly long without relaxing or ‘taming’ it with texturizer. Now, I’m not so sure I want to keep growing it. It’s pretty long now, this 2 year old fro is quite fierce already but I feel short hair may be what I want now. But let’s see how that goes. I am however never relaxing my hair again, that’s for sure. I also can’t wait to have many natural haired babies.

 Z:  What’s your hair regimen?

P: Initially I was co-washing a lot, and rocking wash n go’s but now with my hair longer I’m doing more twist outs and braid outs, deep conditioning when I can, and moisturizing and sealing every other day. I also braid it, and cornrow it once in a while, just to keep it under wraps for a bit.

 Z: What products are you loving right now?

P: Water, Kiss My Face Saponified Olive Oil and Honey Bar to wash my hair with, it really gets the job done and has absolutely no chemicals, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner, Suave Green Apple Conditioner, Nupur Henna, Coconut Oil and Raw Shea Butter.

 Z: Tell me a little about your skin. What’s your skin regimen?

 P: My skin was always clear and blemish free, all through my adolescence but as soon as I turned 21, all hell broke loose. My skin broke out and I struggled to get it back to what it used to be. I tried all sorts of expensive products but finally resorted to foundation to hide my blemishes. But, as soon as I went natural in 2010, I also turned towards more natural products for my face and hair.  My skin cleared up after a trial and error period of different natural products. I now use a Kiss My Face bar of saponified olive oil and honey as a cleanser (The same one I use for my hair), and I mix it with Bicarbonate of Soda for a good scrub, (available for not more than 30 shillings at the supermarket). After that it’s raw Shea butter as a moisturizer and I’m good to go. Sometimes before bed, I cleanse and put on castor oil, it’s good for clarification. I also try my best not to sleep with make up on, but of course sometimes because I’m so tired when I get to bed, I wipe the make up off with Septona or Nivea wipes.

 Z: What would you say is the best thing about being natural?

P: My hair is like no one else’s. By being natural, I can be me, all day long, all year round. My confidence is through the roof because I feel like my hair really reflects the fabulosity I feel every day. It also allows me to be very VERSATILE. My style is very eclectic and my hair makes every outfit even more special. I love my natural kinky, curly, coily hair, at whatever length.

 Z: Ok, hair aside, what projects can we look out for?

P: I’m working on my music. I just want to make sure that what I do release is worthy. It’s good, it’s well produced and it will last for a long time to come. So definitely, keep an eye out for an album.

I’m also upping my acting game, and have been cast for a short film and new TV series already this year. That, plus my radio job and my somewhat sporadic blogging at patriciakihoro.blogspot.com and patriciakihoro.tumblr.com.

A promise, is a promise ladies and I kept mine! I have a few more celeb interviews up my sleeve, so stay tuned. If they’res a celeb your dying to see on the site – just let me know and I’ll hook it up! Aiit?




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