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Z: Please introduce yourself.

F: My name is Fayza Al-Mohallim. I’m 20 years old but I’ll be 21 in May. I’m American but originally of Somali-Ethiopian descent. I go to USIU where I’m pursuing a degree in International Relations.

 Z: How long have you been natural?

F: I’ve always been natural. I was raised in the Middle East and my grandma who raised me put such a strong emphasis on natural hair. She always says, “A girl is always prided on her long hair.” That’s definitely a mantra I keep close to me.

 Z: Your hair is gorgeous, what’s your current regimen and what are your fave products?

F: I don’t have a regimen per se. I just do the regulars. My favorite products are Garnier and I love the Elizabeth Arden Red Door hair care line. Their anti-frizz serum is total magic. I have a little tradition that I do on the weekends. I mix olive oil, lemon juice, coffee, henna, yogurt, mayonnaise and my regular hair conditioner together. I put it on my hair and leave it on overnight. The next morning, I wash it out and style. Its something that I mixed one day and it is like this deep moisture wrap. I swear by it!

Z: You have the longest thickest hair I have ever seen, how do you maintain length?

F: I don’t cut my hair but I trim it regularly.

Z: You wear your hair straight a lot, what’s your straightening routine?

F: To straighten, I usually just wash it then blow-dry it first. Then I straighten. It’s important to dry the hair first because it’s a lot less damaging that way.

 Z: What’s the most damaging thing you’ve ever done to your hair?

 F: I was on vacation in Cairo in 2010 and I colored my hair red. It wasn’t so damaging because colored hair just requires more upkeep. It’s that the hairdresser actually bleached my hair but didn’t tell me. So I had quite a few split ends for a while.

 Z: What’s the best thing about being natural?

 F:  I just love running my fingers through my hair. I’m super touchy like I’ll flip it a lot and I love running my hands through it. Plus with long hair, I can mix up the styles. I will wear it straight one day, curly the next. I love braids too and lately I’ve been experimenting with French braids.

Z: Your skin is perfection, what are your fave products right now?

F: Thank you! My favorite products are Chanel, Guerlain or Nars. Either of those are great! Their foundations, concealers and other facial products always give me a flawless look. I believe that although they are expensive, they last longer and are overall amazing and leave you with a flawless finish.

 Z: What causes are you passionate about/involved in?

F: I study politics so I’m passionate about a lot. The most important to me would definitely be the current genocide of the Ogadeni people in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government has massacred almost a million people over the last 3 decades. Being Ogadeni, it hurts to see your bloodlines coming close to extinction. It’s a crude word to use but that’s the only way to describe it. The Ethiopian government has gotten away with it for so long and nobody wants to talk about it. That’s one thing I am super passionate about and I hope any future positions I hold, will allow me to address it.

Z: Anything extra you want us to know about you?

F: I’m single! ha-ha no. I’m laid back easy. I’ve only lived in Nairobi for 2 and a half years and I adore it. I’ve lived in The States, Saudi Arabia and the UAE and I love Nairobi more and more. The culture is so different and especially when it comes to beauty. Everyone here loves being natural and its so empowering.

 Z: Thank you Fayza!

 F: No worries 8-) !


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